Gabion Cladding

Gabion Cladding is a relatively new architectural concept to North America, although it has been widely used in Europe for many years. Cladding is made up of smaller sized gabion welded wire cages, 9"-12" thick. The cages are anchored to a structural wall with a fastening system and then filled in place with stone. The result is a unique feature wall in comparison to an exposed concrete wall.
Project: Ralph Klein Legacy Park - Calgary, Alberta
Picture below: Enclosure constructed of a combination of gabion walls & gabion cladding.
Picture below: Pond walls encircle the environmental education centre situated in the middle of the pond. Base of pond walls are continually submerged up to 1 meter with flood levels represented by the dark stone.
Baskets used in this type of water application are galvanized wire with a PVC coating.
gabion_wall_systems_ltd003008.jpg gabion_wall_systems_ltd003007.jpg gabion_wall_systems_ltd003006.jpg gabion_wall_systems_ltd003004.jpg