Gabion Mattresses

Reno Mattresses are a flexible woven mesh system, which have many advantages over block walls, reinforced concrete or concrete mattresses. Since they are flexible, a gabion mattress can deform to differential settlements, while maintaining their functionality.

The lacing proceedure of a gabion mattress ensures that the unit acts as one structure. Both gabion baskets and reno mattresses are able to easily dissipate water through the structure without build up of water pressure.

The configuration is of double twisted hexagonally woven mesh, which will not unravel. Both gabion baskets and gabion mattresses come standard with zinc galvanizing and can also be ordered with an addional PVC coating for installation where there is constant water. A gabion type structure is an environmentally friendly solution, since vegetation may easily establish, in time re-creating the pre-existing environment.

Reno mattresses are divided into cells by means of internal diaphragms positioned a 1 m. centers. Since the nature of a mattress is flexible, they are commonly used for permanent erosion control in channels, riverbanks and slope stabilization.

Gabion mattress units are 100 feet (30 m.) long.
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